Fees Schedule

Savings Account Fees

Savings I and II Excess Withdrawal $2.00/Withdrawal if more than 3 withdrawals in 1 month
Account Reopen $10.00 if account reopened within 6 months of closing
Early Width Withdrawal
Holiday Club 10% of amount withdrawn
Vacation Club 10% of amount withdrawn
Rollover of Transfer (Before age 59 1/2) $25.00/Transaction
Full or Partial Withdrawal (Before age 59 1/2) $25.00/Transaction

Checking/Money Market Account Fees

Overdraft $30.00/item
NSF $30.00/Item
Stop Payment $25.00/Item
Check Printing Prices may vary depending upon style
Account Reconciliation $20.00/Hour
Copy of Check $5.00/Copy
Money Market Maintenance Below $1,00



Other Service Fees

Account Research $20.00/Hour
Credit Union Check $3.00/Check if check issued third party
Credit Union Check – Stop Pay $40.00/Stop
Statement Copy $5.00/Statement
Deposited Item Return $30.00/Item
Wire Transfer – Domestic $10.00/Transfer
Wire Reject $5.00
Money Order $1.50/Each
Money Order – Seniors $1.00/Each
Inactive Account $5.00/Month after 1 year
Loan Processing $10.00/Applicant
Certificate of Satisfaction (Mortgage) Cost
Skip Payment $25.00/Skip
Collection Cost
Lien or Garnishment $25.00/Item
Return Mail $2.00/Item
Plastic Card Reorder $10.00/Card
Plastic PIN Number Reorder $2.00/Request
Verification of Account $5.00/Request
Online Transaction Adjustment $5.00/Transaction
Title Processing $20.00

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

Non-proprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer/Balance Inquiry $2.00
ACH/EFT Inquiry $5.00
ACH, ATM or VISA Check Card NSF $30.00/Item
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